Our Mission

Our mission is to help our communities maintain a healthy lifestyle, instead of going on “diets”. We are achieving this through a fast casual dining experience by providing fresh ingredients and higher quality food, than is offered by fast food restaurants. Fresh ingredients differentiates us from the competition as our restaurants focus on innovative products, unique promotions, competitive pricing, and an enjoyable experience

Dress Code

To ensure a quality experience for all of our quests and to meet our standard of service, we encourage our guests to dress in an elegant, upscale manner that fits our environment. Baseball caps & Beanies, Exposed or Visible Undergarments, Athletic/Active Wear, Hoodies, and Overly Exposing Clothing, are not permitted. We prefer no printed t-shirts and always appreciate collared shirts and/or sports coats. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Please note, managemnt reserves the right to change.or update the Dress Code at any time. 

*Sports leggings are allowed

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